Feasibility Study Call – submit by May 31!

02/05/2017 > Feasibility Study Call – submit by May 31!

The Flemish Energy Cluster calls upon Flemish companies to join their efforts and submit feasibility study proposals by May 31. The Cluster offers its competences to support potential partners in the process.

The Flemish Energy Cluster facilitates and supports innovation trajectories around major living labs in the smart energy field showing positive impact for the Flemish industry. Which innovation trajectories have the highest impact (employment, investments, turn-over)? And which R&D/innovation activities are the required steps in these promising trajectories? In order to evaluate the economic feasibility, the potential market impact, the ideal partnership and the remaining technological, legislative and other challenges of specific trajectories, the Flemish Energy Cluster is launching a Feasibility Study Call.

How to submit?

TOPIC – Make sure your proposed feasibility study fits one or more of the following five themes.  Relevance to the roadmap of the chosen themes will be one of the evaluation criteria:

(1) Energy harbors

Harbor areas play a crucial role in the energy transition. The Flemish Energy Cluster focuses on the following breakthroughs:  flexible thermal power stations and heat networks and use of waste products (heat, CO2, ..), demand side management for cooling installations, bi-directional shore power, storage of energy, sustainable harbor infrastructure and the harbor area as a power station.

(2) Microgrids

Microgrids are groups of interconnected consumers, distributed renewable sources and energy storage solutions, within well-defined electric perimeters. Essentially, microgrids manage their own generation, storage and demand facilities and are less depending on the distribution grid. The Flemish Energy Cluster focuses on scalable hybrid microgrids for a wide range of residential and industrial settings.


(3) Multi-energy solutions at district level

Multi-energy solutions at district level offer scale benefits and allow for an optimal integration of sustainable energy sources, optimal energy storage, a reduced energy demand and – on a site with different functionalities – great exchange opportunities between energy flows. The Flemish Energy Cluster focuses on solutions for the integration and flexibility of heat, cold, electricity and other energy carriers on district level, including advanced heating and cooling grids.

(4) Energy Cloud Platforms 

A multitude of (intelligent) energy apps and services are being developed and rolled out.  These are based on big data provided in a uniform, transparent, qualitative and legally correct format. The Flemish Energy Cluster focuses on open interfaces, cyber security, machine-learning capabilities and the improvement of the scalability and self-configurability of wireless communication networks for energy and on the respective innovative energy services.


(5)  Intelligent Renovation

Intelligent and ‘deep’ renovation of buildings (both of the envelope and its installation) makes considerable energy and emission reductions possible. The Flemish Energy Cluster focuses on techniques that are both feasible within the Flemish building context and scalable to an international level, with an emphasis on deep renovation with integrated energy systems.

Find out more about the five innovator zones of the Flemish Energy Cluster in the Cluster Application below (in annex). 

• CONSORTIUM –  The call is open to consortia of minimum 3 commercial market players with (future) activities in the Flanders Region. In addition the cluster requires that:

  • All official partners in a feasibility study are paying members of the Flemish Energy Cluster. Membership is possible at different levels of engagement. For more info contact info [at] smartgridflanders [dot] be.
  • The consortium coordinator has a cluster engagement at “valorization” level and is preferably a central player in the value chain of the proposed solution.
  • The coordinator is not coordinating more than 2 cluster feasibility studies at a time.

Check the full guidelines and the FAQ list (below, in annex).

SUBMISSION – Please submit your proposal in English and according to the template below(in annex) by May 31 2017 at 12 pm CET. Submissions to VLAIO, acting for the Hermesfund, need to happen via the Flemish Energy Cluster, so please address your proposal to Frederik [dot] loeckx [at] smartgridsflanders [dot] be (subject: Haalbaarheidsstudie) .

PREREGISTRATION – For this first call, a preregistration by email to Frederik [dot] loeckx [at] smartgridsflanders [dot] be by May 15th is required.  This preregistration needs to contain at least the title and the purpose of the feasibilty study and will only be used to fasten the procedure of appointing experts to review the proposal once fully submitted.

TIMING – It is the intention to communicate the evaluation results by July 10th 2017. For information and to be confirmed: the first innovation trajectories/living labs are scheduled to start early 2018.

SUPPORT & CONTACT – The Flemish Energy Cluster offers its competences to support potential partners in facilitating their ideas. For more information and support, contact Frederik [dot] loeckx [at] smartgridsflanders [dot] be


About the Flemish Energy Cluster

The Flemish Energy Cluster (FEC – the organization’s official name will be revealed at a launch event on May 10, 2017 at Proximus) is the membership organization that helps Flanders gain international recognition as a Smart Energy Region. The FEC facilitates cross-sector collaboration between energy, IT and building companies to enhance the competitiveness of the Flemish smart energy industry in the transition towards low carbon systems. To bring innovative and fully-integrated energy products and – services to the international market, the FEC sets up and coordinates living labs in five ‘innovator zones’: (1) energy harbors, (2) microgrids, (3) multi-energy solutions at district level, (4) energy cloud platforms and (5) intelligent renovation. The FEC brings together relevant players from industry, academia and government and provides them with project support, networking opportunities and a knowledge-sharing platform. Read more

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